Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Little Black (and green, yellow, and red) Book

So, traveling around the world sounds like a great idea in concept - yea! amazing places, people, culture, wow!  - but, I have one word for you. Visas.

It's a depressing realization that as freely as we all travel around the States and Canada, that does not mean it will be that easy everywhere. Fortunately there are books like the one on the left to help out. We picked The Traveler's Handbook up recently and I've got to say it's invaluable. It details when you need visas, what to do to get them, and how long in advance you need to make the arraignments. Also gives you a little bio of each country, some dangerous areas to watch out for, a few spots not to miss, and other such relevant travel-related info. Excellent.

If anyone had come across any other books/resources for world travelin, we'd love to hear about them!

A caution. Do not read this book at work, in traffic, or in any other situation in which you feel trapped, tied down, or bolted to the ground by any other means. It will make you want to run to the nearest airport, train station, or submarine and just pick a destination you've never heard of off the wall and go.

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