Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I get the news I need from the weather report

Sarah here!  Upon launching this blog - a fun way for our nears and fars to feel like they're abreast of our travels, travel plans, daily head-scratchings, and general excitement over this wild trip - it's been fun to think back on some of the ongoing ideas about this trip.  Below are just some of the thoughts that have surfaced:
1.)  Steve and Sarah have yet to go abroad together.  Silly, huh?  Granted, that could be questionable seeing as they (um, we) managed to up and move to another country a little over three years ago, but we all know that Canada isn't what a worldly traveler would call "abroad" by any sense of the term.  Granted it is a broad expanse of land, of which we've only seen a mere mini-chunk, but visas, citizenship applications, and strange politics aside - we've hardly "upped and moved" to an exotic place.  That being said - we are booked for a great trip to Europe for December into January and will practice our bloggish tendencies there.  Still, though, never traveled abroad together?  That's just silly.

2.)  New York Times - for those referentially-inclined, the title of this post is from a little ditty by a guy named Paul about being the only living boy in a big city.  I digress.  Yes, the New York Times - our continual news report of choice, our #1 iGoogle link, and forever our tie to the city that was and always will be one of our many homes.  Back in 2006 (so says my gmail archives), Steve started emailing me articles from the New York Times Travel section (ironically enough, the lead article in today's Travel section is about Squamish, BC - a sweet little stop off on the way to the big, bad Whistler/Blackcomb resorts and - hence the irony - about an hour+ north of our home sweet home in the 'Couv).  The play-by-play went like this: Steve reads about a really cool place in the Travel section, Steve emails it to Sarah saying something like "this is cool, let's go there!", Sarah skims the article and replies, "this is cool, let's go there!", Sarah files it in a folder titled "Honey Trip (aka Honeymoon + World trip = Honey Trip).  For years now, I've been putting these aside thinking that I'd return to them waaaaaaay in the future when it comes time plan our big-ass trip, but now, I can *actually* return to these articles and start sorting through which places we should visit!  How cool is that?

3.)  Having a date in mind is scary, yet a darn good thing to have.  Bottom line - I fear change.  I'll be the first to admit it, whether it be change in laundry detergent (you never know when you're going to get a rascally rash), moving (okay, does anybody really like moving even if they're moving to a place with windows that actually close?), employment (although, going from no employment to employment is a very positive change, it's still wicked scary), or something as huge as packing all cares and woes aside to change longitude and latitude again and again and again.....big changes coming up.  Several of them, if you count all of the places we're going to hit over our 6 month travels - but (here it comes), having a departure date set somehow lifts some of that fear and allows for one of my only tried-and-true change-soothing actions to take place: planning.  Yes, change is scary, but planning make that scariness not so scary.  I'm sure there will be plenty of commentary on that throughout this blog.  But now, especially since we're starting to spread the word that come November 1, 2010, we'll be on the road, I can start that much-needed journey of planning, thus quelling some of my fears of change.  After all, I can plan to get my plane right on time.  Da-n-da-da-n-da-da-n-da-da....

More soon - and thanks for reading my first ever blog post.  Wasn't too bad, eh?

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