Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ok ok ok.... but holy crap!

Ok, it's been a little while since Sarah and I have updated the blog. We've been to Seattle and all over Florida and have lots of writing to do, but that will have to wait, because we just booked our first piece of the trip. Holy crap. The receipt just came through for our travel insurance, which is being booked at the same time as our tickets.

A few words about travel insurance. Buy it. Ours covers the entire cost of a flight back home in case of emergency, medical insurance around the world, baggage insurance, etc etc. 850/per person for 5 months. A hefty price tag, but seriously worth it for the piece of mind.

Now that the trip is officially being booked, we'll post the final itinerary soon so you all can make some travel plans to come and join us in exotic locales.

PS. 217 days to go till liftoff.