Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beeeep beep beep beep, beep beeeep beep beep, beeeep beeep beeeep, beeeep beeeep beep

Greetings from the Big Apple! Sarah and Steve here, coming to you from the lovely home of Ari and Kelly in Brooklyn where we are spending a quick evening before getting on the plane. We thought we would practice our blogging a bit as we spent the weekend in Poughkeepsie to celebrate Bryan and Shana's wedding.

The train ride out from the city on Metro-North is like none other, skirting along the east side of the Hudson with colorful tree-covered hills rising from the far shore. There are ancient, crumbling factories and buildings along the way, remnants of an industrial era which has passed. In some places they have been lovingly restored to B&Bs, Starbucks, condos and the like. In some the beauty is in the ruins alone. Sarah spent alot of time pointing these out to Steve to which Steve said "....neat."

The title of this blog ("blog" in morse code) is a reference to the location of the wedding, which was on Samuel Morse's old estate.

The East Coast woods, full of stunning deciduous trees in the middle of the fall color season, were a lovely change from the evergreen pines and mossy undergrowth of the West Coast that we've come to know so well. Sarah reminisced about running through the rural Mass woods as kid, jumping over streams and chasing chipmunks.

There were lots of creepy old buildings, which would have been beautiful and unique had we not been humming the soundtrack to The Lost Boys during our walk through the woods. And had we not located the storied "Pet Cemetery" on our walk...

Apparently the Morses had quite a thing for their pets. So, when in Rome...

Ghost stories aside, the leaf viewing and endless dancing queen moments at the wedding were a welcome change from our Pacific Northwest home.  Bryan and Shana looked amazing, and it was a pleasure to share in their big day. And we went to a beautiful outdoor wedding that was colder than ours!

Congrats to Bryan and Shana, we hope you enjoy thawing out in Bermuda!

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  1. >> Sarah spent alot of time pointing these out
    >> to Steve to which Steve said "....neat."

    Awesome! lol