Friday, December 4, 2009

Time to take the plunge...

Up until this point, Sarah and I have done many things to prep for this trip. We have researched, planned, hoped, asked for advice (and funds), saved, blogged, etc etc. But as of yet, we have yet to actually buy anything. That is about to change. In nine days time we head over to see Allison, our friend Joanna's sister who is a travel agent, and we book our round the world flights. FYI - they cost way more than my first car. Granted it was a bit of a beater and blew up on the freeway one day, but that's a story for another day.

In preparation for the meeting, Allison has asked us to prep a preliminary itinerary. It is copied below:
Leaving December 23ish, 2010
(fly) Vancouver to San Francisco

Leaving January 1ish, 2010
(fly) San Francisco to Sydney
Stay approx. 14 days (Aus)

(fly) Sydney to Thailand
Stay approx. 10 days (Thai)

(fly) Thailand to Nepal
Stay approx. 10 days (Nep)

(fly) Nepal to India
Stay approx. 21 days (India)

(fly) India to Israel
Stay approx. 10 days (Isr)

(fly) Israel to Turkey
Stay approx. 7 days (Tur)

(fly) Turkey to Morocco
Stay approx. 7 days (Mor)

(fly) Morocco to Tunisia
Stay approx. 7 days (Tun)

(boat) Tunisia to Greece
Stay approx. 7 days (Gre)

(boat) Greece to Italy
Stay approx. 14 days (Italy)
 (Eurorail passes) Stay approx. 28 days (Europe)

(fly) Paris to San Francisco
Stay approx. 3 days (SF)

(fly) San Francisco to Vancouver (arrive end of May)
home again, home again, giggity gig.

As you'll see, we've reversed the original order of the trip. We did this as we'll be chasing the summertime weather around the globe. In January, when we head out to Australia, it will be the middle of their summer time and hopefully we'll get to hang out with Tanja and Joel as they make their yearly sojorn back to the land of Russell Crowe and the wonderful movie Australia (just kidding Joel).

Anyway, very excited to get this booked and have tickets in hand!


  1. Sounds amazing!

    I haven't done it yet, but I hear New Years in Sydney is unique and spectacular. Just another thing to consider I guess...

  2. This sounds like a wonderful trip. I look forward to reading all about it! I spend a summer in Europe when I was 16. It was a lot of fun, but had I been older I would have appreciated it more.


  3. Thanks Nancy! I look forward to reading more about your off-the-grid adventures! I shared you blog with Sarah and we are both very excited it be following along.