Tuesday, December 15, 2009

O.P.T. #7

I have another o.p.t. tip for thinking about other places when you're....well....here.  (For a long-winded explanation of what the hell I mean by "o.p.t", as well as 6 other triggers, read this blog post.) I promise to post more photos of Steve soon, but this sweeping shot of me in Vancouver's first snow (which became rain, of course) was too positive to pass up, especially considering this o.p.t. tip.

(Note to self - catch Steve doing something blog-worthy and photograph it.)                       
O.P.T. #7  Now that the Vancouver weather has gone from crisp and lovely to just plain shitty (pardon me, Mom, for writing "shitty" in a blog), in searching through our very unorganized bathroom cabinets, the only body cream I could find to combat the dry-skin-from-heat-being-on-all-day was the post-sunburn stuff from Burt's Bees.  The smell alone brought me back to this past summer, lying in parks, coming home pinker than I should be, and slathering on the good stuff.  I loved the feeling so much that I even put on some actual sunscreen to enhance the smelly sensation (despite the fact that the sun has officially gone into hibernation until March).  So, my tip for pretending you're in the sun when you're in the rain - put on some sunscreen, smell your arm, and let your imagination run wild.  This afternoon, with another dose of SPF 45, I'm heading to Guadeloupe with a stop off in Cozumel - anyone care to join me?


  1. They say that our sense of smell brings back memories stronger than any of our other senses.

  2. Hi Pam,

    Great to see you on the blog, thanks for reading! As you can see our snow fall was nowhere near yours...

    Steve and Sarah