Thursday, June 2, 2011

The World by Numbers

Hello from Hong Kong airport!  We are en route home (via Rome and Istanbul and then the Bay Area for a wedding and family visit and theeeeen back to Vancouver) and thought we'd share some fun trip stats with you readers.  This was a fun list to compile as is sparked many wonderful memories (and some not so wonderful ones as well).  I hope you enjoy gawking at some of the numbers as we have...

In no particular order, over the course of our 5 month trip, here are the number of...
Planes flown: 27
Train rides: 11
Bus rides: 11
Boat rides: 17
Beds slept in: 38
Nights spent not sleeping in a bed: 13
Countries visited: 12
Languages we learned to say "thank you" in: 10
Broken electronics: 1
Photos/videos taken: 10,000+ (sorry, took too long to figure out the exact number)
Books read: 48
Blog posts: 52
Babies born to loved ones: 5
Loved ones seen while on the road: 20
Number of Vancouver friends who moved while we were away: 10
Jobs obtained: 2
New leases: 1
Fields peed in: 1
Clothing items bought: 12
Lowest elevation: 423m/1388ft (Dead Sea, Israel)
Highest elevation: 2195m/7201ft (Nagargot, Nepal)
Mishaps with wildlife: 3
Food poisoning episodes: 8
Use of emergency antibiotics: 2
Highest fever: 103.5F
Hospital visits: 1
Plagues: 10
Continents visited: 5
Cities/towns visited: 67

And so many more stats, we could add to this list until our next trip...  Again, thanks for reading, there may be a few more blog post stragglers as we re-enter our Vancouver world, remember more stories, and recount details to anyone who will listen, but until then, only one more 13 hour plane ride before we're back on North American soil! 

Signing off for now... S&S


  1. Loved reading your entries. What an amazing experience!

  2. I will miss reading all the posts! Loved seeing this one "by the numbers"

  3. I hope this doesn't mean an end to the blog! Its been great fun to read. I was at a Wiley function the other day and had a conversation with a co-worker comparing notes on your blog. We decided India was our favorite. :-)

  4. So glad to hear you came back safe and sound! Keep writing! More pictures! Deepa

  5. Great blog. Really enjoyed reading about your travels!

  6. Some INSANE travel for you two this past year! DAMN, SISTER!

    How's Swamplandia! going for you? I'm about mid-way through. Kindred spirits for sure. xo