Monday, May 23, 2011

Every Trip Needs a Mishap, Part Deux

Disaster strikes! The Umbrian wind rose up in gale force and swept the computer right off the window sill where it was preparing for its next blog post and made its final swan dive onto the beautiful Italin tile floor. Fortunately the hard drive is alive and well (with the pics, etc) but the monitor looks like a spiderweb of zeros and ones.

Having decided to forego Rome for the beautiful hilltop town of Trevi, Umbria until we fly out on June 1st, we will have to reside the rest of our days in and amongst the olive groves, taking a long break from digital communication (with an occasional cappucino in the cafe with a computer in town). We have planned a few more blog posts and may find some way to post them before we arrive home in the beautiful Northwest, but if not, we are thinking of our loyal readers while soaking up the Italian sunshine, reading our books, playing cards, and drinking the bubbly local prosecco.

Thankfully, there could have been much worse disasters :)

Cant wait to see you all soon,

Digitally yours,

S & S

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