Friday, November 12, 2010

A wicked delayed blahg about Cape Cahd

Gash dahn, I wish I could say I was in Cape Cahd right now, but nope, we've been blahgin' delinquents and have some catchin' up to do befo-wah our wicked big trip...

Pahdon my slippin' into genuine Masshole speak, but when flippin' through photos of the Cape, a place where I spent so many of my summahs as a kid, I can't help myself. Every time I take Steve they-yah, I sway-yah I walk away having left all of my "Rs" behind (summah, beachcombah, Vancouvah, etc...). It's such a joy to return to all the places one used to visit as a kid, and see that they are very much the same as when you left 'em. So, some Cape Cod highlights from August 2010. Cape do I love thee, let count the ways:

1.) The Bourne Bridge - I can't count the numbah of times I've physically relaxed upon seein' your awesome sign...
2.) Cape rotaries - you gahtta love 'em, cause if not, you'll get stuck in 'em:
3.) Baxtah's Boathouse + Sam Adams + steamah's = one wicked happy Steve-o (in photo #2, notice the delicate way in which Sarah's dippin' the steamahs in a whole lotta buttah):
4.) Token "wicked relaxed and on vacation in the mirrah" shot. Pahdon our mushiness.

5.) A maashy area outsiddah Chaddum (trans: a marshy area outside of Chatham):
6.) Dunes at the entrance to a beach on the Bay side. The sun peaked out just as we were drivin' along an area on Route 6A that went down to the beach (outsiddah Dennis), we caught it just in time...
7.) Some quiet readin' time on the beach...(sigh, I just love this shot):
8.) We were drivin' back along the scenic route through Dennis when we saw a summah evenin' concert at the local gazebo and had to stop and hang with the local yocals a bit...
9.) Backwahds dinnah:
10.) The walkway up to Coast Guahd Beach...many-a-summahs spent hikin' this path to head to the beach for the day with egg salad sandwiches roastin' in our packs and frisbees waitin' to be lost in the surf:
11.) When people think of the Cape, they think the ocean, but there are gorgeous lakes all ovah. This one was in Nickerson State Pahk (and a welcome break aftah Steve took me on a much longah bike ride than we'd been anticipatin'...them 3-speed bikes woudda been a bitch to ride up dose hills had we not found a sho-wat cut back to the rental place):
12.) Oneatha best ways to see the Cape is on the Cape Cahd Rail Trail which stretches from one end to the othah. We spent most of our bike time in the State Pahk, but I had to show Steve where many-a-skinned knees were acqui-yud when I was a kid:
13.) P-town to the locals, Provincetown to the hoards of tourists who make their way to the end of the peninsula all to be happily smacked in the face by the coluhs, the lights, the open air (both environmentally and politically), and just the general...FABULOUSNESS of the town. P-town will always remain one of my favorite places on this continent:
14.) An early anniversary dinnah (because a few weeks afteh returnin from our trip to the Cape, we would both be at different dear friends' weddins on our actual anniversary). Not a bad way to celebrate, huh? I could return he-yah every ye-uh. Whatdyou say, Steve-o?
To anyone evah wunderin' where to go in New England in the summah time, run to....and then lazily stroll around Cape Cahd for a week or two, you'll be wicked glad yuh did.


  1. I heard that accent so vividly as I read this post. Well done!

  2. i could seriously hear you reading this to me (in my head)...loved it!