Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Your booking is confirmed!

By far, one of the coolest emails I've ever received:

9:31 PM (4 minutes ago)

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for booking with HostelBookers!
Please print out this confirmation and take it with you when you arrive at Alexander Hostel, Cairo, Egypt.
Check-in: 23/03/11
Check-out: 30/03/11
We hope you have a great stay!
Kind regards,
Customer Help Desk

Guess we got a place to stay in Cairo. :)


  1. Have so much fun! Cairo is absolutely insane! haha...but it's an experience you will never forget.

    Also, while in Egypt, you must, must, must take a ride on a felucca (traditional Egyptian sailboat). It is the most relaxing boat ride you will ever have. And Abu Simbel is totally worth the trouble of booking it and the three hour drive from Aswan. Definitely the two great highlights of my trip to Egypt. And if you have the time, I would absolutely visit the Western oases and El-Farafra (the White Desert). It is incredible to see the contrasts between Egypt on the Nile and Egypt in the desert.

    And like I said above, have an amazing time!


  2. Natalie! Thanks for the wonderful travel advice. We've never heard of the felucca but now it's on the list!