Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bienvenue chez S &S!

I'm getting excited for our second venture into the land of this coming weekend. This is a fabulous site that we discovered on a while ago in which people advertise rooms, futons, couches, attached bungalos, etc. in their homes to travelers for cheap. In May, we stayed in Sarasota, FL in a lovely spare bedroom for the low price of $27/night. It was clean, easy to access with a yummy breakfast in the fridge for us the next morning, and it had the feeling of a real home away from home - what's not to love? Well, this weekend we are embarking on the "other end" of airbnbing - and that's hosting someone. This summer, we've had many requests to stay (after all, it's the best time to be in the 'Couv), but keeping in mind that the summer is not only busy with goings-on, shows, rehearsals, papers to write, dinner on the beach with friends and family, we've allowed ourselves to be picky when it comes to accepting requests. But this weekend, we've got some busy evenings and a spare key, so we're giving our first guest a go...and the money that we make from the weekend (less expensive than a Vancouver hotel, but, by no means cheap) will go directly into our trip fund.

Wish us luck! Hopefully our guest is happy with what she gets - a comfy futon, some snuggly cats, great transit - and she passes on the good word. Bienvenue chez S & S!

140 days till liftoff!


  1. that's a great concept! best of luck on your first hosting experience, steve and sarah!

  2. Well there you have it, an example of the internet at work. We had a lovely young woman come and stay in our second bedroom for two nights. She was quiet, respectful, and really we didn't see her very much as she had lots to do in the city. Add another bit of money to the trip fund! Look forward to having more guests as time moves on.