Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lights up Portland, It's Rollaway!

Steve here, and yes ladies and gentlemen, one half of this travelin' duo comes packing a pair of black, flame-embroidered cowboy boots. I'm gonna let you go ahead and guess which one (not me).

The travelin' to Portland (or Stumptown as we hear it is called) was unlike any traveling we've done before as our journey had another purpose beyond just seeing the sights - bringing one red-haired, black-booted singer to her gig with Rollaway at Mississippi Pizza Pub. I had to admit it was alot of fun to watch the band do their thing from my position as bouncer by the door.

The gig was arraigned by Will Layng, a friend of band member Adam Jones, who lives and performs in the Portland area. He brought quite the crowd out to see him and Rollaway must have been doing some things right cause most of them stuck around until the lights came up at the end of the night. I put together a little compilation of clips from the evening, and I'm going to try embedding some video for the first time. Hope it works and I hope you enjoy!