Friday, January 29, 2010

I wanna drive it all night long

Hello Blog!  It's been a while...Sarah here reporting on the excitement that's building while I sit at work in anticipation of heading to Portland, OR for the weekend.  The band I sing with, Rollaway, (here's our website and here's our myspace page - have a look and listen!) is performing on Saturday night at a place called Mississippi Pizza Pub in Stumptown (thanks for the nickname, Jonesy).  I dare say we are going on tour, though there are no crazy painted band logos on the side of our Subaru yet.  Yet...

I'm told the sound will be good, the beer will flow freely and cheaply, and the road trip alone is sure to be a highlight.

It's amazing to hop on a plane and explore new places, but there is just something organic and damn fun about putting a mix CD in the stereo, grabbing a cold something-or-other to drink (my vote is a coffee coolatta from Dunkin Donuts if you're in a pocket of the world with a Dunkies...lucky basterds), a driving buddy (perhaps with glasses and a bar through his ear), maybe a Harry Potter book on tape, some motion sickness pills so you can knit in the car, and just hitting the road.  And to boot - the gas is way cheaper south of the border than it is up here in Canadia.

So, yes - I'm an excited gal right now.  More Portland blogging to come!