Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home base....Found!

The ongoing plan there for a while was that when we left Vancouver to head the long way round, we'd give up our apartment, store our stuff, and find a new place when we landed back at the end of the trip. But then, we got to discussing the feeling of being away from home for a while, of sleeping in random motels, hostels, kind people's couches, etc and how amazing it feels to return to your own bed after all that. How it feels to wake up in the morning and know exactly where the coffee maker is, where the towels for the shower are, and that you are finally home. So, we decided it was time to go find the apartment that would be home when we returned. It took us a couple of months and some stressful nights of indecision, but we got it done. Lease signed last night. Home Base Found.

It's the top two stories of the house, funky space, great view of the city, very excited. And our friends Amanda and Drew rented the downstairs apartment! For you Vancouverites, its on 10th and Ontario, just west of Main St. Housewarming party details to come.

Thinking about the feeling of having a home base has also made us realize we'll need to have at least a week in the middle of the trip where are able to just sit and relax, do our laundry, and keep the running around to a minimum. Our initial thought is to rent a little condo on an island in Greece for a week, but we are up for suggestions! Other thoughts were the French countryside, the Spanish coast, or Turkey. The trick I suppose is finding a place you are with not running all over trying to experience, to have the experience be just sitting at home, going to the market for lunch, and taking a long breath. But which of this places embodies that feeling the most? Opinions?

We're looking forward to leaving on the upcoming trip so in the end, we can return to our little Vancouver home.


  1. Awesome looking apartment!
    If you want suggestions for Greek Islands, Naxos, Santorini and Mykonos are pretty frickin lovely and peaceful, especially the latter two. Corfu is awesome, too, but it can get super hectic with partying tourists. Had an awesome time in Naxos driving all over the island, picking up hitch-hikers and eating octopus and drinkning ouzo.

  2. Hey Dan! Thanks man, I hadn't realized you'd spent time down there. Which one of the two is smaller, more local? It would be nice to have a "being a local" experience for a week.

  3. My travel is pretty much limited to NY/FL and CA. Love that your blog shows me much more!

  4. Yeah. I spent about 3 weeks bumming around when I lived in Barcelona.
    Naxos, Santorini and Mykonos all pretty much had that small and local feel. Naxos and Santorini moreso than Mykonos, but I did meet some amazing people in M. I was there in February, too, so there weren't really any tourists around anywhere.
    If this helps, Santorini has some old ruins you ca check out, as well as red-sand and black-sand beaches...

  5. Nice! Thanks Dan, Santorini sounds like a beautiful place. I'm sold!

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